About Us

At GoWeb2point0, we focus on taking the complexity and mystery out of today’s internet and social media marketplace.  We allow companies to take advantage of the future of the internet, now, by implementing cost-effective tools such as WordPress blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to enhance a company’s socal media presence.

Our founder, Patrick Schutte, has an extenisive background in techonology and internet marketing

Patrick Mackenzie Schutte

Patrick Mackenzie Schutte

and has been involved in technology since 1980.  At Autodesk Corporation where he was the Director of Channel Development, he interfaced with the marketing division and worked with a talented team and a $30M annual budget for website design.   They made Autodesk.com the premier Web1.0 designed site in the high-tech space and garnered many Webbies in the process.

As the General Manager of a large real estate company in Prescott, Arizona, Patrick developed the company’s web presence and marketing strategy to make it the number one player in all of the search engine rankings, resulting in ongoing revenue streams and success for its agents.

Since 2005, he has been developing marketing strategies that include web sites and blogs for other companies, and has been part of their success in the web marketplace.  His belief that less can be more comes to play in all aspects of his consulting advice and does not believe that throwing money at problems is the answer.  Rather, a judicious use focused resources in the spaces of social media, rich content, web sites, and blogs is the answer to short-term and long term success on the internet.

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